Are You Convinced That You and Your Ex Were Meant To Be Together? Discover How To Get Your Ex Back!

By GUEST WRITER  Ilona Benes

Ilona Benes 


   Are you still pining away for your ex? Has it been months since you broke up and, instead of your feelings for your ex fading, they have become more intense? Have they in fact become so intense that you now firmly believe that you and your ex were meant for each other? Well, there are excellent tips here, that are sure to help you and your ex get back together again, so read on.

   Before you use these tips to reconcile though, you must be absolutely sure that your ex is definitely the one that you want to be with, and also, that this process could take quite a while before you know whether or not you are successful - it cannot happen overnight.

  • You need to first find out how the breakup has affected your ex, so speak to your mutual friends about this, but ask them to not say anything to your ex. If they tell you that your ex is happy and has moved on with his/her life, then accept this fact and carry on with your own life. If however, they tell you that your ex has been miserable since the split, then keep in touch with these friends - they are going to be your link to her/him.

  • After a while, make contact with your ex - even if he/she is with someone new, as this could simply be a rebound relationship in an effort to get over you. Keep in touch with your ex from time to time, but keep it casual and friendly only - your ex might start avoiding you if he/she thinks that you want to get him/her back again. Time will tell if your ex's new relationship is genuine or not - if it is simply a rebound relationship, then your chances to get your ex back will increase drastically.

  • The break up will have made things awkward between you and your ex, so resist any temptation you might have to rush things along. Your ex is no doubt wary of you at this stage, and will need some time before he/she trusts you again. Remember, you are dealing with your ex's feelings here, so give your ex as much time as he/she needs, to decide whether or not he/she wants to get close to you again.

  • Use only the tips in this article to get your ex back, and not the advice that you will undoubtedly get from your family and friends. Although they mean well, the advice they give you could be wrong, and it will only complicate matters for you.

   If and when there comes a time that you and your ex are more comfortable with each other, and his/her relationship has come to an end, then bring up the subject of your break up. Apologize to your ex for the mistakes that you made in your relationship, and suggest to him/her that you try again. Give your ex time to think things over, and if your belief that you and your ex are meant to be together, then you will get your ex back.


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