Discover Winning Ways to Win Your Ex Back!


  Ilona Benes 


   Your ex very unceremoniously dumped you after what appeared to be a happy relationship. Apart from the unbearable loneliness you are experiencing, it's the depression, the anxiety, the anger, and that terrible, terrible sadness that are driving you insane. Added to that, is the awful thing of not knowing why your ex dumped you. How do you find out what made your ex leave you, and more importantly, is there any hope, that you can ever win your ex back?

   While no one can give you a definite guarantee that you can get your relationship back on track again, they can give you ways and means to try to win your ex back. These tips, if carried out correctly, will definitely raise your chances to get the love of your life thinking that dumping you was the biggest mistake of his/her life.

Examine yourself

   The fact that you don't know why your ex dumped you, could mean that there is something about yourself that you are either ignoring, or honestly are not aware of, that made your ex walk out on you. Are you a possessive type of person? Do you fly into a jealous rage if your ex speaks to a member of the opposite sex? Do you tell lies, and do you flirt with members of the opposite sex? 

   These are really serious faults, and if you have any of them, then it is crucial that you do something about them immediately. It's no good either, that you simply acknowledge that you are guilty of any of the above - you have to actually DO something that will eliminate them from your life altogether. You see, if you really want to win your ex back, you will have to be able to prove that you will NOT be doing these things anymore, or your ex will simply ignore your attempts to get him/her back. 

Should you contact your ex? Most definitely NOT!

   This will probably stun you, but if you even try to make contact with your ex at this point in time, you can forget about ever getting your ex back. Why? Because, if you think about it carefully, and are absolutely honest with yourself, you will realize that your ex is in no mood at all, to see you or speak to you right now. 

   Remember, you drove your ex nuts with whatever it was that you were doing wrong, and he/she walked away from the relationship to get away from you. Why on earth would he/she want to speak to you so soon after the breakup? It's crazy to even think of it!

   FIRST figure out what it was that you were doing wrong, and FIRST fix those problems - then you will have a much better chance of persuading your ex to have a chat with you. In any case, while you are sorting your own problems out, it will give your ex time to simmer down and think things over on his/her own, without any interruptions from you.

   Apply these steps in the order that they appear in this article, and you will definitely double your chances to win your ex back. Give it a try - you could very well get the love of your life back, and become a better person in the process!

Winning ways to get your ex back