Eager To Get Your Ex Back? Find Out How To Do It Fast!

 By GUEST WRITER Ilona Benes

  Ilona Benes  


   Being in a relationship with someone you love is absolutely fantastic. Life is perfect - you have found the ideal person to spend the rest of your life with - an absolute dream come true! However, all it takes is one thing that can destroy that life of bliss in a few seconds, and you suddenly find yourself all alone.

   Dealing with a broken heart is one of the hardest things to be faced with, and most times makes 
you eager to get your ex back into your life as quickly as possible. The following these few tips have proved time and again that they really work - exes cannot resist the urge to reunite with the person they have broken up with!

  1. Don't wallow in self-pity - Yes, you are going through a stressful time at the moment, but feeling sorry for yourself will only get in your way. You will not be able to concentrate properly, and it will slow down your efforts to get your ex back.
  2. Keep to yourself, and leave your ex alone - This does sound like weird advice, especially since these are tips that are supposed to help you get your ex back fast, but it is very important that you follow it. Let your ex get over the trauma of the breakup his/her way, and you do the same - it's all part of the healing process. Do whatever you really enjoy doing, and don't try to make any contact with your ex - yet.

  3. When you are out with your friends, you will bump into your ex at some time or another. Control the urge to fling yourself into your ex's arms - he/she will not be impressed, and you will look like an utter fool. Instead, give your ex the impression that you are perfectly happy - make him/her think that the breakup has done absolutely nothing to dampen your cheerful spirit. This behaviour works like a bomb to make your ex wonder whether or not you have decided to get on with your own life.

  4. Don't jump for joy if your ex suggests that you stay in touch - Even though you will feel like singing at the top of your voice if your ex seems anxious to stay in touch with you, keep a tight rein on this feeling, and simply agree casually. This might prompt your ex to ask you out on a casual date - instead of agreeing even before he/she has finished asking the question, say rather, that you are a little busy, but maybe you can get together some other time.

   Follow these four steps, and you will likely get your ex back quite fast. He/she will be absolutely dumbfounded! You are not crying your eyes out, you did not almost faint from pleasure when you spoke to him/her, you weren't ecstatic at the thought of going on a date with him/her, and, to top it all, you seem to be very busy - all the time!

   Your ex will become so curious, that he/she will start speeding things up by making contact with you, and asking you right out to get back together again as soon as possible.

Learn how to get your ex back fast