Familiar, Yet Effective Ways to Get Your Ex Back!

By GUEST WRITER  Ilona Benes

 Ilona Benes


   One of the worst things to experience in life is a broken relationship. One day your life is filled with bright sunshine and brimming with love, and the next day, after some or other disagreement, everything is gloomy, dark, and very depressing. From being a vibrant, happy person, you suddenly become a nervous wreck, unable to perform the most basic of activities.

   The further you get into this article, you will realize that the tips you are getting are very common, but you can rest assured that they are very effective ways to get your ex back.

Hold yourself back - don't be impatient!

   As keen as you are to get your ex back, you must understand that it is vitally important that you are patient. Trying to rush the process along will spoil things completely. You and your ex will not have had enough time to get over the break up, and there is a real danger that you will argue again at this stage. 

Keep your emotions in check

   You are so wound up now, that you are sure to burst out crying if you bump into your ex some time soon. Even though it is very hard to do, you have to stop yourself from having an emotional break down in front of your ex. It will be a total embarrassment to your ex, and he/she will make a point of avoiding you as much as possible, for fear that you become an emotional wreck again. 

Examine the reasons for your breakup

   It is vitally important that you examine very closely, the reasons why you and your ex broke up. Somewhere along the line, you were misunderstanding each other, or ignoring each other's likes and dislikes. Whatever the reasons are though, you have to figure out what they are, and what you can do to rectify the situation before you try to get your ex back. 

Improve who you are

   If your ex knows you to be an angry, jealous, insecure partner, then these could also be factors that played a part in your relationship coming to an end. You are going to have to make drastic changes to these emotions of yours, and prove to your ex that you are able to control the way you behave. 

The first meeting with your ex

   It doesn't mean that if you are ready to meet your ex, that he/she feels the same, so you are going to have to handle this very carefully. Don't call your ex. Instead send him/her a text message, saying that you would like to meet him/her to talk about the breakup.

   You can expect one of two responses. Either your ex will respond and say something along the lines that he/she is not ready to meet you yet, or, you won't get a response at all. If the latter happens, then you can probably take it that your ex is not interested in getting back together again and leave it at that. On the other hand, if your ex says responds by saying that he/she is not ready yet to meet you, then this is a definite indication that your ex is still interested in you. There is a good chance that you will get your ex back.

Familiar but effective ways to get your ex back?