Find Out How the No Contact Formula Can Help You to Win Your Ex Back!


Ilona Benes 


   Make contact at all costs! This is the first and only thing on your mind when your relationship has come to an end. It's a natural reaction - one that most people have after a breakup. Unfortunately though, it is the wrong reaction, and one that will give you very little chance, if any at all, to win your ex back. Why? Raw emotions, that's why!

   Both you, and your ex, are so fuming mad with each other right now, and suffering in painful agony, with the things that were said, that even seeing each other from a distance will cause you to want to explode! One can only imagine what would happen if you actually came into contact with each other! Thank goodness for the no contact formula! It is the one way that you, and your ex as well, can get back together again.

   Okay, so the only thing on your mind right now is to make contact with your ex. You firmly believe that this is what you should do, so that you can explain to your ex why you said those things, how much you love him/her, and how very badly you want him/her back again. Do you think for one minute that this will actually work? Read on, and you'll find out why this reaction is the very last thing that will help you to win your ex back.

   You call up your ex, with all good intentions of explaining in detail why you said what you did. This is all good and well, but you are forgetting that your ex is just as angry as you are, and is hurting just as badly as well. The only thing that will happen when your ex realizes that it is you on the phone is that the phone will get slammed down - hard! He/she is not interested in your explanations right now - you said those things, and they hurt - real bad! Even the sound of your voice makes your ex angrier - he/she does NOT want to talk to you! The no contact formula will prevent all these unpleasant events, which could very well mean the end of any type of relationship with your ex, and no way at all, of getting back together again.

   You need to control that terrible urge you have to get in touch with your ex as soon as possible, and instead, apply the no contact formula - now! Don't try to call, email, or send messages to your ex - his/her emotions are much too explosive at this point - nothing you say or do will change the way your ex feels right now. As they say, time heals, and absence makes the heart grow fonder - memorize these sayings, and think of them all the time.

   Give your ex all the time he/she needs to heal properly, and apply the no contact formula - the longer it takes for your ex to have any contact with you, the more he/she will realize just how much he/she would like to have you back again, and the more successful your efforts will be to win your ex back.


No contact formula is a very effective way to get your ex back.