Has Your Relationship Really Come to An End?

 By GUEST WRITER Ilona Benes

Ilona Benes 


   Days are impossible to get through, and nights are even worse - you can't sleep, and spend most of those dark hours crying quietly to yourself. Life is unbearable at the moment. The only thing that will ease your sad situation, is if you can get your ex back. How do you do this though? After all the misery you have caused your ex, will he/she be willing to even listen to you now?

   If these few sentences describes you perfectly, then read on, because there are some great tips here, that will surely help you to get your ex back in to your life again.

Apologize for being an idiot, but DON'T beg to be taken back!

   When a relationship comes to an end, since there are two people involved, they are both to blame for the break up. Even though your ex did say and do things to hurt you, show your ex how bad you feel about your part in the break up, by apologizing and asking him/her for forgiveness. Don't even think about begging your ex to take you back. By doing this you are saying that you were totally to blame for the relationship coming to an end, when that wasn't the case at all. Simply say you're sorry - now it's up to your ex to reciprocate.

Be respectful of your ex's decision!

   When you are trying to get your ex back, it is very important that you accept and respect whatever decision your ex makes as far as the relationship goes. If your ex decides that he/she does not want to get back together again, then accept his/her decision gracefully, and leave your ex alone. It could be that your ex is still trying to get over the drama of the break up, and, if given time, might just change his/her mind and suggest to you that the two of you try again.

The break up is a personal issue between you and your ex - keep it private!

   It is not only you and your ex that are affected by your break up - your close friends and family members are too, and they will naturally want to know what happened. They are concerned for both of you, and probably want to help in their own way, to get your ex back. When they ask questions about the break up, tell them that it was due to an awful argument, but don't go into details - this is private, and should be for you and your ex only. Reassure them by saying that you do still love your ex, and that at some point, when all the drama has settled down, you will try to get your ex back.

Keep your first meeting positive!

   If and when you and your ex do get together to discuss the break up, make sure to keep the conversation light-hearted and friendly. Whatever you say to your ex should be honest and sincere, and the subject that caused the relationship to end in the first place, should be avoided at all costs - this can be discussed at a later stage. This first meeting after your break up is your first chance to get your ex back, so keep it positive.

Get your ex back and give your relationship a second chance