Having Sex With Your Ex May Be Pleasant, But It Won't Get Your Ex Back!

by Emma Audley

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   You two have had such a strong chemistry that bound you together! Now that things have gone bad in your relationship, you can't seem to be able to put it all behind, instead you feel a
 desperate urge to get your ex back. You are still having intercourse, secretly hoping that sex is going to light back the fire that had once been in your ex lover's heart.

   It's true that such an intense feeling is hard to find, not to mention the many things you and your ex have shared that trying to find someone new and start it all over is far from your thoughts. It takes that much time, that much energy along with letting your love of your life go that even the though of being with someone new becomes frightening and repulsive. If your goal is to gain back the heard of your lover, trying the "let's still have sex" shortcut is wrong. It's the wrong shortcut to a revived relationship with your ex, but towards a disgraceful permanent break up that gives you the temporary state of a "sex buddy".

   Sex with your ex is not the answer you are looking for when taking about how to get your ex back and if you are still having doubts about it, take a look at the following reasons why you two shouldn't have sex apart from your relationship. Read them carefully and then think about what's worth having in your life - sex or love?

   1. Sex can only complicate matters between you and your ex. The problems that you need to solve in order to live a normal couple life with your ex need a different approach. That is because a relationship based only on sex is not really a relationship. So stop lying to yourself thinking that if you are still having sex, then you are still a couple. Sex is cheap and easy and you can find it everywhere. So can your ex and while they are having sex with someone else, you will feel tainted and betrayed. Is that how you want to feel? I can bet a million dollars it's not!

   2. Sex may be a pleasurable way of satisfying certain physiological needs, but it does not wipe away the reasons why you two have broken up. Being a god or goddess in bed won't do you any good I making your ex worship your relationship. It may calm down spirits for the moment, but the hurt and the pain are still there after it's over. You may even have a fight immediately after you've had sex. Is that a normal way you have pictured a couple? Another million dollar bet it's not!

   3. Most people make a huge confusion between sex and love. Sex is different than love. One can have sex with anyone. People do not talk much after having sex - it's just physical contact, it regulates your hormonal flux by exchanging body fluids and if you do it with a condom it can't be harmful. So let's leave it to that. Love is the most complex feeling in the world. Love may involve sex, but there is no vice versa.

   So walk away from having sex with your ex lover to see whether there still is love between you. I know you feel it, but does your partner still feels it? Your physical impulse can and must be overcome by mental control. You are not an animal in heat. Keep your dignity and don't let yourself get used and then tossed away like garbage. Or have sex with your ex and become a temporary amusement.

   If love is what really draws you to one another, then spend some time apart from your ex. Let him or her figure out how important you are for them - the whole you, not just your body. Be confident and patient so that love can find its way back into your life!

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009


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