How To Convince Your Ex That the Breakup Was a Mistake?

By GUEST WRITER  Ilona Benes

Ilona Benes


   Since your relationship came to an end, you have heard via your mutual friends that your ex is happy about the breakup - that he/she thinks it was the best decision made. You have a big problem with this though - you are still deeply in love with your ex, and would do anything to get your ex back. You are at a loss however, as to what to say or do to make this happen. You know that there are things about you that made your ex leave, but how can you change your ex's mind?

   You need to change whatever it is that was bugging your ex to such an extent that he/she walked out on you. The thing is, you have to do it in such a way, that your ex is convinced that the breakup was a huge mistake on his/her part.

Transform yourself

   It's not only your ex that has experience of the irritating things that you say and do, but your mutual friends as well. Use this to your advantage, and begin by showing your friends that you are capable of changing yourself. They will relay these changes to your ex without you even having to contact him/her, which is just as well, because there is no doubt that your ex doesn't want to talk to you right now. 

Stick with the changes you have made to yourself

   It's no good you changing yourself for a little while only, simply to get your ex back, and if and when that happens, go back to the old you again. The whole cycle will start all over again - you will irritate the hell out of your ex, arguments start, and the relationship comes to an abrupt end - again. Whatever changes you make to yourself have to be there constantly. It will be hard at first, but the more you adhere to these changes, the easier they will become, and the more your chances will be to get your ex back.

Have Patience!

   Don't expect miracles to happen! Your ex is not going to come running back to you after a day or two - it might take a couple of weeks, or even a month or two, before he/she is convinced that you have indeed changed. When your friends first start telling your ex how you have changed, your ex is going to be suspicious - he/she will believe that the only reason you are doing this, is to lure him/her back into your life. So have patience - just keep on making those changes in yourself - sooner or later your ex will realize that you HAVE changed, and that maybe the break up wasn't such a good idea after all. 

   These are really good tips, and they WILL help you to get your ex back. It is entirely up to you though, whether it works or not - you have to make sure that the changes you make to yourself are there for good. You have to make sure that you convince your ex that he/she IS getting the kind of person he/she wants in life.

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