How to Get Your Ex Back If Someone Else Has Already Taken Your Place?

 by Emma Audley

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   Normal people do not send women on Venus and men on Mars. Normal people don't believe in general rules, but make their own. Normal people break up and suffer. Normal people seek for answers and try to get their ex back if they are still in love.

  So what is it that makes normal people win their case?

  You may think that there is no way your ex is gong to forget about your love and what you had together and that there's also no way that your ex is going to wind up with someone new. Well, you are partially right and you're mistaking in some very important aspects. Love cannot vanish from someone's memories and neither can it be replaced. However, that is not a good enough reason to keep your ex away from letting someone else in their life. The sad truth is that, although your ex may be single for the moment, that time won't likely last forever.

  If you did not break up with your ex because of someone else, chances are that your ex will want to look for someone new. That's what always happens when couples break up: they are both unhappy with their relationship and at least one of them wants to share their feelings with a new partner. That is why rebound relationships exist and many take them as "a real thing" until they get hurt. A rebound can never replace a real thing, which is why this type of relationships never last long.

  Some people even push further and have more partners in a short period of time without getting involved in any relationship. Those temporary partners are also from the rebound category. Unfortunately for them, not all of them know the truth, get a sentimental bruise and look for their own rebound relationships. Confusion never leads to something good and stable. It's a cynical circle that love creates with a sadistic pleasure of the "hunter". Your lover is now a hunter too and he/she will definitely hurt someone else besides you.

   So instead of being jealous on the new "sweetheart" your lover has for the moment, you should pity that person. Your ex will probably want to stay friends with you. It's a perfect excuse for self-entitled grown-ups to still have a reason not to let go of each other. This is something that you should not accept. Seeing your ex with another is not the most pleasurable thing for you. You definitely don't need that in your life right now! Don't encourage your ex to have such an attitude and don't give him the emotional insurance that he can step over your broken heart any time he/she wants! If still you want to get your ex back, the "let's stay friends" part should be completely out of the question.

   However, you must resign to the fact that your ex may in fact be in love with the new person. This does not mean that you suddenly don't mean anything to your ex any more. As hard as it may be to believe, one can love two persons at the same time. The secret is to love different things about them. Draw your own conclusions about what's missing, how worthy your ex is and whether you really need to get back your ex or simply miss the feeling itself.

  Do not see your ex's new partner as a rival. I know it's hard, but jealousy isn't getting you anywhere. You'll only manage to put more pressure on your ex's head and make the decision easier: you'll unmistakably lose the "fight" against your "competitor". If loss is what you must face, then at least face it with grace. Keep your dignity intact for you'll need it more than ever! No critics, no gossip to your friends, no stabbing on the back.

  Jealousy is degrading and pitiful, therefore keep it to yourself and don't let your ex see how deeply hurt you are. Your ex won't find that appealing at all and it won't help you get your ex back. Keep you senses and try to bring out the best in you!

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009


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