How to Get Your Ex Back - THE STRATEGY!

by Emma Audley

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  Lost and abandoned is how you feel now that your lover has broken up with you. It is a terrifying experience and many people can't cope with the thought of living life without their loved one. It is as if the whole world has fallen apart leaving the sky to crumple upon you. But there still is hope for you to get your ex back!

  Does that seem impossible to you knowing that you've had such a terrible fight after saying your goodbyes? To be honest with you, that is what everybody thinks, but with a little patience and a few wise tricks you can make your ex crave for you again. You've had your plans, I know, but chasing a dream is never easy so take a second and breathe in. Your desperation shown by the numerous attempts to get in touch with your ex one way or another only pushes that goal further away. You'll get tired and humiliated. Breathe out.

  The few weeks right after the breakup are critical. Most abandoned lovers make irreparable mistakes and only realize what they've done when it's simply too late. The urge to even get close to your ex is taking over your thoughts. Clear your head! You'll see that whatever done one the rush can only be wrong. Instead of pushing too far by instinct, take a moment and let ration guide you.

  It will tell you the following things:

  1. First thing to do is to vanish from your ex's sight. Yes, it sounds incredibly silly, but there is a good reason for that. In the strategic planning on how to get your ex back, this is the "No Contact phase". Even if you are yearning to get just a glimpse of your ex's face, fight your instinct and stay hidden. Give your ex some room and be sure there will be room enough for two. There is no specific deadline for this "no contact phase" because every person is different. You are the only one who can decide when it's best for you to answer your ex's message or call.

  2. Love is mostly known to be a profound feeling of tender, passionate affection for another, although a complete definition of love will never be found. Yet, draw a line between passion and obsession and make sure you don't cross it. If your ex does not call so soon, or if you don't receive as many calls from your ex as you used to get, or if those calls are not as many as you would have wanted them to be, do not try to increase their frequency. Remember the first rule and give your ex the necessary time and space.

   3. Stop being a depressed loner who can't see the meaning of life without a significant other. Be confident in what you can accomplish on your own, take good care of yourself, eat healthy and stay in shape. If you want to get your ex back, a good looking body and a positive thinking are definitely going to raise your ex's interest in you.

  4. It's now time for a face to face meeting with your ex. Act positive, don't forget to look great and don't bring your relationship into discussion. Let it come naturally

  5. Never blame your ex for what has happened. Stop living in the past and carry on with your future. You can only get your ex back if your past has only been a lesson learned!

  Nobody said it was easy, but it's worth a try. There's nothing to lose but a little more time, and you've got plenty f it to figure out whether your want your ex back for now or for good.

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009


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