How to Make Your Ex Want You Back? Take Control of Your Situation, and Get Your Ex Back!


   Ilona Benes  


   At the moment, you know that you want, more than anything in the world, to make your ex want you back, but you are so emotional, that it is impossible for you to do anything you have to, to get your ex back.

   Your broken heart and your desperation are causing you to think irrationally, and very possibly, capable of doing all the wrong things to try to get your ex back. All you will achieve by behaving the way you are right now is to convince your ex that the break up was the best decision he/she has ever made.

   My friend, you are totally out of control! You are allowing your broken heart to cause you to do really stupid things. Look in the mirror and have a good talk to yourself - tell yourself that, the only way you are going to make your ex want you back, is if you start using your brain from now on, and take full control of your sad situation.

   Yes, it is hard to do this, but if you want to reconcile with your ex, you are going to have to force yourself to think clearly from now on. The following are things to avoid - things that will definitely drive your ex further and further away from you:

  • Calling, emailing, texting - at all hours of the day and night

  • Bursting into tears every time you lay eyes on your ex, no matter where you are

  • Trying to make your ex jealous in an attempt to get him/her back

  • Trying to put your ex on a guilt trip

  • Letting yourself go

  • Trying to buy your ex's affections back with gifts

  • Talking badly about your ex to your friends

  • Becoming a sad-faced hermit who wallows in self-pity

   None of the above will help to get your ex back. Now, going through the above things point for point, learn what you SHOULD be doing, that will increase your chances dramatically, to make your ex want you back.

  • Stop trying to make contact with your ex - give him some breathing space to get over the drama of the break up without any interference from you

  • If you bump into your ex, simply smile and say hello, without letting the waterworks flow

  • Forget about using jealousy to get your ex back - pretend you are with someone else, and it will backfire - your ex will get the impression that you have lost all interest in him/her

  • Don't try to make your ex guilty about the break up - you are just as much to blame as he/she is

  • One of the best ways to make your ex want you back, is to show him/her what a great catch you are - don't let yourself go

  • No amount of expensive gifts will make your ex think any differently about you - YOU have to change yourself

  • Bad-mouth your ex to your friends, and your ex will retaliate in the same way. Then you can say goodbye to that one chance you have to get your ex back

  • Wallowing in self-pity will make you look pathetic and unattractive - do things that will make you happy and cheerful - things that will make your ex want you back again

   Take control of your situation and do the right things - it's the only way that you are going to be successful and get your ex back.

Take control of situation to make your ex want you back.