Love As a Disease - Treat It With Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back!

by Emma Audley

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   Love can be hard at times. Especially when you've had your plans for the future that included your recently ex lover. It cuts so deep and hurts so bad that it has left you without any will to go on without your ex lover aside you.

   Before we begin, let me clear up some things for you. First, I need to give you an approximate definition of reverse psychology so we can both know what I'm talking about.

   Reverse psychology is the most efficient persuasion technique to get your ex back; it involves the auspices of certain beliefs or behavioral habits opposite to the ones that your ex is expecting of you, with the result of encouraging your ex lover to be persuaded into your desired action: getting back to you.

   In an easier and more popular way to say it, reverse psychology means that you have to do everything your ex expects you not to and don't do what he thinks you are about to do.

   "Ok, that's twisted, but how exactly will that work on getting my ex back?" is probably the question that has just popped out of your mind. The answer to that is simple. Your ex had gotten tired of you and your desperation although he or she is expecting of you to keep bugging their nerves. So let's play this little mind game that will actually get your ex back.

   Since you likely have some symptoms of a depressed person, you could see love as your current disease. Do not treat it with exposing yourself even more to the generating factor (aka your ex), but give yourself the time for a cure. When they are ill, people want to get better in an instant if such a thing could be possible. But we all know that getting rid of a serious disease takes time, therapy and medication. In your case, time will be the medication; reverse psychology will be your therapy and your ex's anger on you will be the virus.

   Let the game begin!

   Since so far you have been the one to insist on getting in touch with your ex. How about not giving a single beep on you ex's mobile phone from now on? Sounds radical and hardly doable, but it will raise some huge question marks in your ex lover's mind. From the daily fifteen missed calls and messages to no sign at all within two weeks. If your ex still loves you and wishes to have you around, it will be easy to make him/her be the one to call just to say "hi! How's it going?" and then ask you why you haven't called any more.

   Love will prevent your ex from staying away from you for too long. Since you miss somebody that much and you don't want that person to vanish from your life, then you start looking for that somebody. Let's say that your ex is still too proud to call. If that is true, then you will definitely see your ex in a pub or club that you regularly used to hangout hoping to get a glance of you. Be sure you look at your best!

   Your ex will expect of you to look like hell: lost and depressed like he or she could remember you the last time you have seen each other. It's high time for reverse psychology to take its turn now: instead of the pathetic whiner your ex expects you to look like, you should look as if you'd won the lottery. Smiling, full of energy, radiant: here is the correct image that should now be imprinted on your ex's mind.

   Reverse psychology is relatively easy to do and puts you in control of the situation with a minimum effort when you are trying to get your ex back. So play a little more, twist you ex's mind and be ready for a fresh new start with your lover!

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009

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