Mistakes That Will Spoil That One Chance You Have To Get Your Ex Back!

By GUEST WRITER  Ilona Benes

Ilona Benes


   Why are you trying to get your ex back? Well, it is a known fact that a failed relationship is one of the most traumatic experiences that anyone can go through. In fact, there are some people that are reported as saying that they liken it to a death in the family it is so devastating.

   It during this time of heart-rending trauma, that people tend to do things that they normally would not do - things that they imagine are going to fix the problem, when in fact, they only make the situation a whole lot worse. Should you be going through this awful experience, then you will probably, like many other unfortunate people out there, make some really bad mistakes while trying to reconcile.

   Read on and discover how you can avoid the mistakes, and what you can rather do instead.

   Mistake number one, and one of the biggest there is, that almost always ends with negative results, is making contact with your ex too soon after the break up. Don't fall into this trap, no matter how strong the urge is to call your ex - you basically have one more chance to get your ex back, and this mistake will definitely cancel out that chance for good.

   Instead, use the no contact formula, a method that has been proved time and again, in being very effective at getting an ex back. It simply means that you stay right away from your ex for a while, to allow him/her time to heal properly after the breakup. Your ex, and you too, will be in a much better frame of mind, your emotions will have settled down by then, and you will be able to speak to each other calmly, and without any further arguments.

   Your ex had a reason for ending the relationship. Although this decision does break your heart, accept and respect his/her decision, and bow out of the relationship gracefully. Throwing a tantrum about your ex wanting to break up, will only make him/her feel that it was the right decision to make.

   On the other hand, if you stay calm about it all, and show your ex that you are a strong person, and respect his/her decision, your reaction could make your ex have a few second thoughts in the near future, and you could end up getting your ex back, sooner than you think.

   Don't make empty promises to try to get your ex back - this is another mistake that many, many people make out of desperation, and most times they are disappointed, because it does not help to get an ex back. Maybe you have the idea that if you promise all sort of things to your ex, that he/she will forget all about the argument and come back to you.

   This is a total misconception - your ex knows you very well, and will realize that what you are promising to do or not to do is not conducive of the type of person you are, and will not fall for it - at all. You have a much better chance to reunite with your ex if you are honest, and just be the person that your ex knows you to be, and fell in love with in the first place.


Mistakes to avoid while trying to get your ex back