Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Trying To Win Your Ex Back!


   Ilona Benes 


   Still hoping to win your ex back? Anyone going through a breakup, experiences a devastation that is inexplicable, especially when the couple have been together for a number of years. Their emotions do a silent battle inside them - on the one hand, they feel that they should forget about their exes and move on with their lives, and on the other hand, they want nothing more than to have their lover back.

   These mixed up emotions play up havoc with their minds, and most times have them doing things that are totally inappropriate - things that do not help at all to get their exes back. If you are in this situation right now, then read on, and discover how you can avoid these same mistakes, and get your ex back successfully.

   The first mistake that most people make after a breakup, and you will too more than likely, is to try to talk things over with your ex while you are still so angry. This is a recipe for the total destruction of any remote chance you have to get back together again. All you will achieve by trying to talk to each other too soon after the breakup, is yet another argument, probably even worse than the one that resulted in your relationship coming to an end.

   Another mistake that many people make, and one that is right at the other end of the scale, is to try the romantic approach. This will not work either to win your ex back, for the simple reason that your ex is too hurt and angry right now - your sweet-talking will have no affect whatsoever on your ex - the major argument you had is still too fresh in his/her mind.

   Trying to reason with your ex - another big mistake! Neither you, nor your ex are thinking rationally right now, and all you will end up doing, is blaming each other for the breakup. These things should only be discussed when you and your ex are over the trauma of the breakup completely, and can talk to each other in a relaxed and calm manner.

   Desperation is another thing that many believe will get their exes back, when in fact, it is one of the biggest mistakes they can make. Expressing your grief, and begging to get back together again, in the hope that your ex will take pity on you, will do nothing but make your ex feel utter contempt for you - you are showing him/her that you are a weak person, who is incapable of controlling your emotions, and your emotional outburst, especially if it is in front of others, will shatter your dignity - totally.

   Don't try using past memories to win your ex back - they are history, so leave them there. Even if these memories are really beautiful and romantic, they will do nothing to soften the way your ex feels toward you now - very angry and very resentful.

   Don't hang your dirty laundry out in public! The failed relationship involves only you and your ex, and no one else, so avoid at all costs, talking about these issues to your friends. Although they mean well, the advice that they will no doubt offer you, will not get your ex back, and you and your ex will become their latest form of gossip!


If you are still hoping to get your ex back you need to avoid making these mistakes.