Recapture Your Ex's Heart Again - How Can the 'No Contact Rule" Help You Get Your Ex Back?

 by Emma Audley

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    At a first glance over the matter, the no contact rule seems to be a self-defense tool.
 In fact, it is the most efficient "attack plan" that can get your ex back. The reason for this contradiction is partially that you wish to get back with your ex lover as soon as possible and partially because you are moving apart from your ex by not even trying o get in touch with him or her any more.

   The secret to get your ex back by applying the no contact rule does not lie in simply vanishing from your ex's life out of the sudden. You need to be a little smarter than that and read between the lines. Develop your own plan of action and stick to it; you still need to be seen, but you have to turn yourself into someone untouchable, unreachable and unforgettable.

   Therefore, you have got to put Contact and No Contact into balance according to circumstances if you want to get your ex back. If you are not sure how exactly to do that, take a look at the few ideas below:

   You are the only one empowered to judge when is the best time for contact vs no contact. Everybody is talking this and that about the no contact rule and how efficient it is, but if you do not apply it in the right manner for you, it might as well mean the very end of your relationship. Communicating with your ex from the beginning of your separation may be the only solution to keep his or her interest in you. However, pay attention at the way you establish communication with your loved one.

   Desperate "I love you, I can't live without you calls" may seem like the ultimate proof of love at the beginning, but they become annoying and frustrating after a while. Your ex already knows how much in love you are and how much your relationship with him/her means to you. Repeatedly saying that is going to push your ex further away from you.

   It is hard to appreciate how exactly to react according to you ex's personality. You are the one who knows your lover better than any of your friends and relatives. So make sure you are on the same track with your ex. However, if you've had a relationship for a long time and you have been both involved in your relatives' lives, then it is even more difficult for you to apply the no contact rule. Your ex's relatives and friends may have nothing to do with your breakup and they needn't suffer from it either. People talk, point their fingers at you or support you, but you really mustn't let that get to you.

   Contact or no contact, it all takes time! Do not pretend you are blind and deaf to your ex's attempts to contact you, but do not encourage that either. Remain reserved. Give your ex the time to wash away the anger and replace it with love and respect for you. Your goal is to get your ex back so you have to make your ex lover fall in love with you again and wish to come back.

   The time intervals you choose not to seek to your ex and the time you choose to spend with him or her must be at your consideration. There is no golden rule for that because humans are not programmed to function like machines. Your ex is no German clock, neither are you a specific software that rearranges your ex's thoughts.

   Flesh has its needs, but ration has its priority. Be polite and open to your ex's suggestions but, more importantly, keep your dignity. Many people are willing to do any kind of compromise to get their ex lovers back, but a relationship like that, based on humiliation, pity and compromise is never going to work. When love and respect no longer exist between you, it is high time for no contact rule to be put into practice.

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009 


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