Reverse Psychology - Works Like Magic When You Want To Win Your Ex Back!


  Ilona Benes 


   Can reverse psychology really help you win your ex back? Well, many people are unpredictable, and it's these people that can make life difficult for you, because you never know what they are going to do or say next. You might make a suggestion to a person who is unpredictable, and, instead of saying or doing what you think or hope they will, they react in the exact opposite way, which is very confusing. When a person reacts in an unpredictable way like this, they are actually using reverse psychology on you - their whole intention being to confuse you.

   This is precisely why reverse psychology is one of the best ways to win your ex back - you react in a way that is totally different to what your ex expects you to, he/she becomes confused, and then curiosity sets in. Now, the shoe is on the other foot - it is your ex that will be doing all sorts of things to make contact with you, to find out what the heck is going on. Why exactly would you behave this way?

   You see, whenever you had an argument during your relationship, your ex found it easy to smooth things over - he/she knew exactly what buttons to press in order to get rid of your anger. If that didn't work, then your ex knew for sure, that sooner or later, you would not be able to stand the tension anymore, and you would come running back to him/her.

   Do things differently now that the relationship is over - you want to get your ex back, so use reverse psychology, and make your ex wonder what HE/SHE is doing wrong, and DON'T react the way your ex expects you to behave. In other words, keep your ex guessing, and DON'T go running back - don’t make any contact whatsoever.

   Your ex is probably smiling to him/herself, and counting the hours until you make contact - you are so predictable! Just imagine how concerned your ex will become when you DON'T react like you used to, and DON'T come running back - it will drive your ex to the edge of insanity! The waiting will become too much for him/her - your ex will just HAVE to contact you somehow, to find out what your intentions are, and why you are behaving the way you are. This is when you can get your ex back, with little or no effort at all.

   There are several benefits to using reverse psychology to win your ex back. First of all, your ex will realize that he/she does not know you as well as he/she imagines, and, not seeing your ex for a while, will help tremendously to get over the hurt and anger you're feeling - the things that everyone goes through after a break up.

   In spite of what you might believe, being apart from your ex is not going to cause your life to become worthless. On the contrary, you will actually find yourself enjoying your life again, being with your friends and family, and doing the other things that were put on hold while you and your ex were together. All of these things are part of the all-important healing process that you have to go through after a break up, before you get your ex back, and all are very possible, thanks to reverse psychology.


Reverse psychology works like magic when you try to get your ex back