Sex With Your Ex After Your Breakup Will Not Get Your Ex Back!


Ilona Benes 


   Having sex with your ex is not a good idea, and most times, will not help you to get your ex back, for a number of reasons. First of all, when your relationship ended, unless it was by mutual agreement, you were probably both very angry at each other, and were still licking those painful emotional wounds that are normally experienced after a breakup. This pain and anger takes a long time to heal, and there is no way that you can separate these feelings and a roll in the hay, no matter how good the sex was when you were together.

   The thing is, if you were dumped by your ex, you are still more than likely in love with your ex, and having sex with him/her after your breakup, will only have you clinging to the hope that you may get back together again. Your ex on the other hand, will think that sex with an ex is great - a kind of bonus actually - great sex on a regular basis, with no strings attached. This is a recipe for disaster - someone, and in this case it is you, is definitely going to get hurt.

   Remember, your ex dumped you, and, if he or she has not given you any reason to think that you will reconcile, has definitely decided to get on with his/her life - without you. The chances are good too, that your ex might be involved with someone else by this time, which means that, if you do have sex with your ex, there is another person who is going to get hurt as well. Your ex will in fact, be cheating on his/her new partner, with you.

   Even if your ex broke up with you because he/she had fallen out of love with you, there is a very strong likelihood that his/her feelings for you could be re-ignited after experiencing that familiar sexual intimacy with you. You might think then, that this has helped you to get your ex back, but your happiness will certainly be short-lived. Your ex might have a slight inclination to get back together with you again, until he/she remembers why the relationship ended in the first place, in which case, you will find yourself back to square one again - without your ex, and with emotions that are in absolute turmoil.

   Another reason why sex with your ex will not help in any way to win your ex back, is because, just like the great sex you had during your relationship will stay the same between you and your ex, so will the problems that caused your relationship to end. Aids, of course, and other sexually transmitted diseases are yet another important reason why you shouldn't have sex with an ex, especially if he/she is dating and having sex with someone else. Don't put your health at risk - don't have sex with your ex - it will not help you get your ex back, but you could end up getting much more than you bargained for! It simply isn't worth an emotional anguish you will be going through later.


Sex with your ex is bad idea when trying to get your ex back.