The Sneaky Way to Get Your Ex Back!

by Emma Audley

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   Since your ex's will is currently to stay away from you, you might think there is nothing that will make him/her reconsider that decision. In a way, you're right: we all have our free will to play with when making decisions. But then again, what if there were something to turn things into your favor and get your ex back? The good news is that there is something you could do. So let's get sneaky with it and show you what it's all about!

   First, I'm going to teach you something about relationship management: it will always take two hands to make a clap and it takes the same hands to repeat the action. Ok, enough with the metaphoric language! What I meant was that you can never be with someone who doesn't want to be with you - it's simple and logic. So if you want to get your ex back, you have got to let this decision come from your ex since you're already thinking of it.

   Now that you have gotten the main idea, just how exactly are you going to put it into practice? That's also simple: you mustn't do anything. Yes, you've read that correctly: you must not take any action regarding your ex. Don't call, don't send any gifts or treats, don't obsess about your ex, don't pay any visits to his/her family, don't ask your friends to talk things over. Nothing.

   Of course, not doing anything regarding your ex does not mean you have to neglect yourself as well. On the contrary - you have to make sure you look and feel great.

   But how can you look good and feel even better if all you can think of is your lost love and broken heart? That's understandably tough, but nobody said it would also be impossible.

   So, how do you get your ex back? Well, here are some useful tips:

   - If you can only feel good by knowing you'll get your ex back, then don't try to fight the situation: make peace with your single status. Don't plead for an immediate get-together. That won't happen over night

   - Keep in mind that trying to contact your ex is the worse thing you can do, so hands off that receiver! You'll find news from your friends if you behave.

   - If, by absurd, your ex wants to meet you so you can talk, don't jump for joy; that talk will definitely turn into a fight, so avoid it. Tell your ex you have a lot of things on your mind and a busy schedule so you'll be free in ten days time. Bluff a bit - everybody does it!

   - Don't put any kind of psychological pressure on your ex, though. Let him/her decide when it' best to call back.

   - Invest in yourself: concentrate on your career and on how good you can possibly look within those "ten days". A positive attitude and a great look would be a jaw breaking moment when you meet up with your ex. He/she won't want anything in the world but you.

   So now you know it! I don't know what you were expecting, but keeping the proportions, this is not a Hollywood movie. This is your life and you are the only one responsible for your deeds. If you manage to transfer that responsibility to your ex when talking about getting back together, then you may consider you have succeeded putting the plan into action.

   There is one more think you need to remember: every single person on this planet is unique. Therefore, you should know better than anyone how to plan your moves. Keep these tips into your mind when thinking about how to get your ex back, but be a little creative in inserting them into your actions.

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009


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