Things You Must And Must Not Do When You Are Trying to Get Your Ex Back!


Ilona Benes 


   A failed relationship is devastating, to say the least, to the millions of people all over the world who have experienced it at least once in their lives. Most of the time, they are left in a state of such shock, that they are incapable of functioning properly, and more than likely do really stupid things to try to get their exes back.

   If you are one of these many people, and are going through a really hard time after a break up, then please read the following advice very carefully, because it could be the deciding factor as to whether or not you succeed to get your ex back. The first thing you have to realize is that getting back together after a breakup is not a walk in the park - it is very tough, and the road you are facing right now could be a very long and bumpy one.

   To make that long road a little shorter and slightly smoother, it will help a lot if you know the things that you should do, and the things that you should avoid doing at all costs, to have a good chance to get your ex back.

  • Okay, so you had a terrible argument, you said really bad things to each other, and finally decided to call the whole relationship off. You are angry and hurt by what happened, but please understand that the argument you had is now history - it is no good carrying all that anger around with you all the time - it will not help you to get your ex back - take some time to simmer down so that you can think clearly again.

  • Don't try going to the other extreme and think that sending your ex loving messages, flowers, and gifts will make the whole situation go away, because it won't. You have to remember that your ex is also hurt and angry after the relationship failed, and any hint of romance from you will not be appreciated at this stage.

  • For this same reason, you should not try to get your ex to admit that it was his or her doing that caused the relationship to end. Yes, it could be possible that your ex was totally to blame for the break up, but now is not the time to try to prove this. Also, if it was your ex that made the decision to end the relationship, don't even think of arguing about it, but simply agree to his or her decision - this reaction has very often helped to get an ex back.

  • Once both of you have had enough time to cool down, you will have more than enough opportunities to talk about the break up - by that time your ex will probably be more than willing to admit that he or she was wrong, and apologise for the unhappiness he or she has caused you.

  • Hang on to your dignity after the break up and don't, under any circumstances, show your ex how desperate you are to get back together again, by crying, begging and pleading with him or her. Going this route has many times resulted in an ex, instead of thinking about reuniting again, deciding very firmly to get away altogether and start a whole new life.

  • Using the good times you had in your relationship to get your ex back will not work either - no matter how funny or romantic they were, they will have no impact on your ex at this point in time, who is feeling nothing but utter resentment toward you right now. Avoid the temptation to make your ex feel pity toward you too - this has on occasion worked after some break ups, but more often than not that feeling only lasts for a short while, only to have the couple breakup yet again.

   Do the right thing in your situation, and leave your ex alone to deal with the trauma of the break up in his or her own way, without your interference. Don't try using any under-handed strategies, or make promises that you know you will not be able to keep. Instead, be patient and understanding, and your success to get your ex back will be a lot more realistic.

Don't do these things to get your ex back