Three Important Steps To Help You Get Your Ex Back!


  Ilona Benes 


   You may think that your situation is hopeless, but many relationship splits are reversible, and yours can be too, if you follow the three steps that are known to works wonders in reuniting couples. You're hurting badly, the breakup was really messy, and everyone keeps giving you the advice to move on with your life. You don't want it to be over though, you are still deeply, deeply in love, and want to get your ex back.

   Well, first of all, the heavy load you're carrying around with you right now will be lightened tremendously, when you realize that your relationship with your ex can be salvaged, as long as you stick to the following three steps. They have worked for so many others, and they can work for you as well.

Step 1. Feel the need to be needy? Don't do it - it's ugly!

   When you see a little puppy begging, it's cute. However, watching an adult cry, beg, and plead for forgiveness is not. The immediate thoughts that come to mind, is that this person has got no backbone, looks like an idiot, and thank goodness you don't have to associate with him/her! These thoughts of course, are what will be going through the mind of your ex as well, and is definitely NOT the thing to do to try to win your ex back.

Step 2. Steer Clear of Calling Your Ex When You Are Under The Influence of Alcohol!

   Picture the scene: you are feeling really down and morbid, so you decide to have a couple of drinks to drown your sorrows. As the evening wears on, you think more and more about how much you want to win your ex back. It reaches a stage, usually after lifting your elbow too many times, that you decide to call your ex and pour your heart out to him/her.

   First of all, your ex does not want to have any contact with you right now, so just the fact that you have the audacity to try to make contact with him/her, will enrage your ex to such an extent, that he/she is thankful that the relationship is over. Secondly, because you are plastered out of your bracket, you are probably saying things that you would not normally say, and are slurring so badly, that this puts the final nail in the coffin - your relationship is well and truly over - it is dead!

   In other words, alcohol and attempts to get your ex back, definitely do not go together!

Step 3. Don't Be A Drama Queen if Your Ex Starts Dating Someone Else!

   It could happen that your ex starts seeing someone else very soon after your break up, and this will naturally add to the hurt and anger you are feeling. However, the one thing that you must NOT do is jump the gun and throw a complete tantrum about it. Just relax, because your ex is probably involved in what is known as a rebound relationship, that's all. This is your ex's way of dealing with the break up - the relationship won't last long, and you will get your chance again, to try to get your ex back.


Steps you need to take to get your ex back.