Trying to Get Your Ex Back? Stay Away From Them For a While After a Breakup!

 by Emma Audley

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   When a couple breaks up, there's at least one person who suffers. In this unfortunate case, it is you the one who has to deal with all the pain and tears. We all know how it feels to have an empty space in our hearts; we've all been hurt in our lives and - most importantly - we've all gotten over it! Some of us - like you - have gathered their strength to find a way to get their ex back. Many of them have even succeeded in doing that.

   So, how do you get your ex back after a breakup? Well, find out how they have done it!

   Things are crystal clear now: you have made your choices and they do not coincide. That is why you are drowning into your own tears and your ex is trying to get as further away from you. Do not try to keep up with his/her running steps. Just let go and see how that will create a boomerang effect that will bring your ex right back at you.

   The first thing you need to do is dry your tears and put the phone down. There is no use in hearing the endless tune of a non answering call. If your ex has not answered your first call, then you must no longer insist; he/she does not want to hear from you and your tears are pointless. Don't insist on finding out why your loved one has left you. If you are honest enough to yourself and clear out your mind, that answer will come to you. You may not want to know it just yet. It might taste a little bitter than you would expect.

   You can't clear your head if your ex is all you can think of. I know it's eating you inside to know what he/she is up to and how you can get back into each others arms, but the people who have managed to get their ex lovers back after a messy break up have also managed not to think of their exes in the first place. Just ignore your ex! Do not call and do not act as if knowing what your ex is doing should be your number one priority. It's not!

   Your priority is to get back on your feet. Reconnect yourself to the old you: do things you liked, go to places you felt safe and relaxed, see the people you loved to spend time with. There's no need to develop an addiction or hurt yourself by any means. What you need right now is to find something pleasurable to occupy your time.

   If you want your ex back, you must not let your loved one know that. Let him/ her wonder. The best way to do that is to stop trying to reach contact with him/her. You are asking yourself what your loved one is up to now because you know nothing about him/her. Do the same and you'll have your ex wonder about you. If there still is love between you, your ex will realizes how much you mean to him/her and will eventually give in and call you.

   Don't even ask your friends about your ex. Mind your own life and make the best of it. Your friends will notify your lover that you have stopped asking about him/her. That will increase your ex's confusion and fear of losing you. It's easy to say, but hard to put that into practice. Remember, if you really want to get your ex back, then you should be strong enough to do it.

   Don't wait too long, though. Your ex might also think you have completely lost your interest in getting back together and will try to find someone new. Let your ex know what you are doing from time to time. You have to restrain your contact with your ex lover, but make sure you are still visible. More importantly, by the time you stand face to face with your ex, have a neat look, smile and act happy. This sounds more like what an actor would do, but sometimes it is best for us to keep our true feelings hidden. 

   Staying away for a while after a breakup is an effective way to get your ex back and you should use it if you fighting this battle.

   © Copyright Emma Audley, 2009


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