Use the Effective No Contact Formula to Get Your Ex Back!


Ilona Benes


   At this point in time, you are having a really bad emotional struggle with yourself. On the one hand you are desperate to get your ex back now that the relationship is over, but on the other hand, you know that the right thing to do is to make no contact whatsoever with him or her, in order to have that one slim chance to reunite.

   You are well aware that the feelings you have for each other right now are nowhere near to the deep, loving feelings you had toward each other just before your relationship ended. Instead of having that warm feeling when you think of your partner, the things that you said to each other at the time of the breakup has left you feeling just the opposite - hurt, confused, and very, very angry.

   Your mind is telling you to have nothing whatsoever to do with him or her, but your heart is crying out to beg and plead if you have to, in order to get your ex back into your life. You have a hard job ahead of you - you have to figure out which is the best way to go about trying to get your ex back into your life, but you are so confused right now, that you don't have a clue where to begin.

   Well, just like you, there are thousands of people going through the same trauma that you are experiencing right now, and many of them, if they don't find the help they need with family and friends, do what most people do, to get solutions to their problems - they search the Internet. There are so many sites on the Internet that give really good advice to people in your position.

   If you choose this method to find a way to get your ex back, you will notice that most of these sites mention the no contact formula, which is basically a fancy way to tell you stay away from your ex, to give both of you time to get over the breakup, and the bad feelings it has caused between the two of you.

   Obviously the no contact formula does not mean that you should ignore your ex all the time - this would be impossible, since there will be times when you bump into each other. It would not be the right thing to do to turn away from your ex without greeting him or her, because this would only give your ex the impression that you are happy about the breakup, and want nothing at all to do with him or her.

   No, the right way to use the no contact formula to reconcile with your ex, is to simply not go out of your way to make contact with him or her for a while. This means that you must not send emails, write depressing love notes, telephone, or any other method that can be used to make direct contact with your ex. Naturally though, if you do happen to see your ex while you are out shopping, or at the movies with your friends, then by all means, be polite and greet him or her, but do nothing else.

   According to many, using the no contact formula to get your ex back, is the best and most effective way to allow you and your ex to make a truthful decision as to what you want to do with regards to the broken relationship. Only when some time has passed will you be able to think clearly enough to make the right decision - do you really want your ex back in your life, or have your loving feelings been reduced to such an extent, that you would rather carry on with your own life?

   After a breakup, if the two people concerned get back together too quickly after the relationship has ended, that it very seldom works out, and they only end up parting company again. You will give yourself a big favor and use the no contact formula to get your ex back and be like so many other successful people.

Use no contact formula to get your ex back