Using Reverse Psychology to Get Your Ex Back - It Really Does Work!


Ilona Benes


   It is always fun to be around people who are unpredictable - you never know what they are going to be getting up to next. It is for this very reason that you should try being unpredictable if you want to get your ex back - do exactly the opposite to what your ex is expecting you to do, and he or she will be drawn to you, as if by a magnet. This type of strategy is referred to as reverse psychology, and is very often recommended by the experts on dating sites.

   Now the only reason why they advise using this method to reunite with your ex is because it works so well. If you have never heard of reverse psychology, then read on, and you will discover just how good a method it is to get your ex back.

   Remember that when you first got together, you knew absolutely nothing about one another? Then, as the weeks and months went by, you gradually got to know each other better an better, so much so, that you almost knew what you were each thinking about certain things, or what your answer would be for certain questions.

   Even when you had an argument, you knew each other so well that you knew exactly what your reaction would be after you had your tiff. At this point in time, your ex thinks that he or she knows you inside and out, and is almost making a list of what your reactions will be now that you have parted company.

   If, in the past, you normally threw a tantrum, and walked out in a huff because you did not get your own way, this is exactly what your ex is waiting for. He/she is waiting for you to scream and perform that you know you were right, and that you demand an apology for all the bad things that he or she said to you during the argument that ended the relationship.

   This is where reverse psychology comes in - DON'T do what your ex imagines you are going to do. DON'T throw a tantrum when you see your ex - behave totally different to the way you normally do. Instead, just say a friendly "hi" to him or her, and then walk away. Whatever your ex was thinking of saying to you has just been cancelled out by this unpredictable reaction of yours - it has left him or her absolutely off-balance about the whole situation.

   If it was a habit of yours in the past to talk badly about your ex to your friends after you had had an argument, then do just the opposite now, and make your ex even more confused. Rather talk to your friends about what a great time you had when you were together, and what a fantastic person your ex is. Even go so far as to say that you feel really bad about the awful things you said to your ex, and that, as soon as you get the opportunity to, you are going to apologise profusely to him/her for behaving so badly.

   You see, the whole point of using reverse psychology to get your ex back after a break up, is to make your ex think differently about you. This creates a strong feeling of curiosity in your ex, making him or her feel that they did not really know you that well after all, and that, seeing that he or she still has loving feelings toward you, it might be a good idea to get to know you a little better, before cutting all ties with you for good.

   If you carry on practising reverse psychology on your ex every time you see him or her, and make sure that he/she only hears good things about you, then there is no way that he/she will be able to resist making contact with you to talk things over again. If you are patient enough and strong enough to keep on using reverse psychology after your breakup, then there is a very good chance that you will get your ex back sooner or later.

Get your ex back with reverse psychology