You Have One Last Chance To Get Your Ex Back – Take It!

By  GUEST WRITER  Ilona Benes

 Ilona Benes


   You might feel right now that it is impossible to get your ex back but you still have one last chance to get your relationship back on track again. You two are apart right now, but it does not mean that it is over between the two of you. There is still a chance that you can make them yearn for you again, and get you back into a happier-than-ever relationship.

   You need to realize that your desire to reconcile with your ex is not as impossible as it might seem to you at the moment. Of course, it will not happen if you don’t make some sort of effort to make it come true.

   The trick is though, to get that second chance to make your ex have deep, loving feelings toward you again, you have to do things in such a way that it will make it impossible for him/her to be apart from you any longer. You have to do something that will make your ex curious about your, have an intense desire for you again, and be so attracted to you, that he/she is drawn to you, as if by a magnet.

   To cut a long story short.... you are going to have to make your ex fall head over heels in love with you again!

   The way to do it is to alter the way your ex is thinking about you right now by doing things in such a way, that all your ex wants is to have you back in his/her arms again.In other words, you have to go all out to make your ex realize that he/she is still deeply in love with you.

Effective ways to get your ex back

   The pain of romantic rejection is unbearable for most people. After a breakup, there are many who try to brush it aside and carry on with their lives, but most times fail hopelessly. This is because, just like when an arm or a leg is broken, a broken heart hurts just as much, and takes just as long, if ever, to heal.

   In a recent study led by Edward E Smith, Columbia University’s director of cognitive neuroscience, findings suggested that the human brain reacts in a similar way to both these types of trauma. The devastation of a broken relationship seems to set off a response in the brain that is almost the same as when people suffer intense physical pain.

   It is very common at this stage for the rejected person to try to get their ex back by showing how desperate they are, in the hope that it will make their ex’s feel pity for them, and reunite with them. In most cases, this is a futile exercise, and a total waste of your time and energy. It simply cannot work because the pity you are looking for from your ex, and the desperation you are showing, will reduce any loving feelings he/she has toward you, and will in fact, push your ex lover even further away from you.

   This is precisely why I say that it is better to use mystery and imagination to get your ex back rather than pity and desperation. As hard as it may be for you at the moment, take this approach to lure your ex back into your life again, rather than waste your time showing your ex how desperate you are. It will make your ex curious about you and eventually fall in love with you again if you play your cards right. It will chang your ex’s emotions from anger, pain, and resentment, to those of interest, desire, and total attraction toward you once again.

   You and your ex are separated right now, it’s true, but this does not mean that you cannot get back together again. If you use the right methods - like the ones that I have mentioned above - it is very possible to make your ex want you back more than ever, and have a happy relationship that could last forever.

Steps you need to take to get your ex back.